Key Features:

C-5 Alloy Frame: The Wire Tap 2.0 sunglasses feature a robust C-5 alloy frame, providing durability and flexibility for enduring wear. Experience a sleek and modern aesthetic with a frame designed to withstand the demands of an active lifestyle.

High-Definition Optics (HDO): Oakley’s High-Definition Optics technology ensures optical clarity without distortion. Enjoy sharp vision and precision, whether you’re engaged in sports or going about your daily activities.

Three-Point Fit: The three-point fit design ensures precise optical alignment, eliminating pressure points for maximum comfort. These sunglasses stay securely on your face, allowing you to move confidently.

Unobtainium Earsocks and Nose Pads: Unobtainium material used in the earsocks and nose pads enhances grip, providing a secure fit even during intense activities and in the presence of perspiration. Enjoy comfort that lasts all day.

Integrated Spring Hinge Mechanism: The integrated spring hinge mechanism allows for flexibility and a comfortable fit. The sunglasses adapt to your face’s contours, providing an optimal fit for various face shapes.

Model Name: Oakley Wire Tap 2.0

Experience the perfect blend of style and advanced performance with Oakley Wire Tap 2.0 Sunglasses. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or someone who values modern design, these sunglasses are your perfect companion. Order now and step out in confidence on your next adventure.


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