Key Features:

Timeless Round Shape: The RX6414 frames feature a timeless round shape, offering a classic and versatile look that exudes sophistication. This universally flattering silhouette is suitable for various face shapes, providing a touch of elegance.

High-Quality Metal Construction: Crafted from premium metal, these frames provide durability, lightweight comfort, and a sleek aesthetic. The high-quality material ensures longevity, making them a reliable accessory for everyday wear.

Subtle Logo Detail: The frames feature the iconic Ray-Ban logo subtly engraved on the temples, signifying authenticity and the brand’s legacy of excellence. The discreet branding adds a touch of sophistication.

Versatile Color Options: The RX6414 frames are available in a range of versatile color options, allowing you to express your personal style. Choose classic tones for a timeless look or explore bolder hues to make a modern fashion statement.

Customizable Lenses: These frames provide the flexibility to customize with your preferred prescription lenses, ensuring optimal vision tailored to your unique needs.

Model Name: Ray-Ban RX6414 Eyeglass Frames

Experience classic sophistication with a modern twist in Ray-Ban RX6414 Eyeglass Frames. Whether you’re at the office or attending a special event, these frames are the perfect accessory to showcase your refined taste. Elevate your eyewear experience—order your Ray-Ban RX6414 frames now and enjoy the enduring allure of Ray-Ban design.


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