One Hour Precision Cut Lenses Completed In-house

We have a full-service lab in our store with the latest precision optical lab equipment, namely Mr Blue. We’re able to provide you with prescription lenses made to your frame in one hour, dependent upon workload and your prescription.

Having the best technology for eye measurement and lens milling, our lab technicians can make your lenses a perfect fit in the frame of your choice. Many stores just send your order out to be mass produced elsewhere.

Personalized Lenses in Design and Shape

When you’ve selected the frame you want, we take the most accurate measurements using the Visioffice. Incorporating head posture and eye movement, our lens measurements are personalized for your single vision or multifocal lenses.

With the exact lens measurement, our lab technicians easily shape and fit your lenses to the most complicated shapes and curved frames. Even the best lenses are not optimized for your vision unless the measurements and fit, to your frame, are precise.

Frame Repairs and Accessories

We can remedy minor repairs to damaged frames that require re-shaping. We can also mount your existing lenses to a new frame, if necessary.

At Your Eyes Only Optical, you’ll find a full range of accessories such as cords, cases, swim goggles, clip-on sunglasses, cleaners and ready readers to choose from.