Choosing the right contact lens is as important as knowing how to wear your contacts correctly. In our contact lens fitting session, we instruct you on the insertion, removal and proper care of your contact lenses.

Our licensed contact lens fitters help you find the best contact lens for your prescription and lifestyle from the many lenses on the market today. One of the newest innovations in contact lenses is silicone hydrogel. This new material delivers up to five times more oxygen to the cornea! More oxygen to the cornea results in healthier eyes.

Proper care and following the replacement plan, set out by each of the contact lens suppliers, is essential to maintaining healthy eyes and clarity of vision. The more frequently you replace your contact lenses, the healthier and more comfortable your eyes will be.

We carry a large inventory of disposable contact lenses in different brands so we may have your prescription in stock. Call us today at 604-584-7577 to book your appointment for a contact lens fitting.