The Lens in Your Eyewear Frame Makes all the Difference

While frames make a fashion statement, lenses are what make or break a prescription. At Your Eyes Only Optical, our licensed dispensing opticians advise you on the best lens based on your prescription and frame.

We carry Essilor and Nikon lenses amongst others to provide you with top quality prescription lens options for your needs and your budget.

Lens and Coatings to Make Your Vision Crisper

We offer thinner, lighter high index lenses for those with higher prescriptions, to coatings which can minimize reflection, reduce eyestrain and provide protection against shattering and scratching. When we know your vision concerns, one of our qualified staff can find a solution to fit your personal needs.

Transitions Provide 100% UV Protection

Transitions are clear as an ordinary lens indoors and at night. But when you step outdoors, the lens turns dark to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. In a recent clinical study, four out of five eyeglass wearers preferred Transitions to their regular lenses.

Progressive Lenses When Your Reading Becomes Blurry

Presbyopia is a natural evolution of sight, which affects virtually everybody and usually starts in your 40s. As we age, our crystalline lens loses its flexibility and the eye is not able to focus properly.

Our licensed dispensing opticians can explain how progressive lenses restore clear vision, at all distances, with only one pair of glasses. Using the Visioffice System we can get the most accurate measurements so you’ll see near, far and everywhere in between naturally, without the annoying and distracting lines of bifocal lenses.