Lisa Plate

Lisa has been a licensed optician and contact lens fitter for almost 20 years. She has experience working in the film industry fitting contact lenses in productions like the Supernatural television series and the Twilight movies. With extensive knowledge of the best lenses (for glasses and contacts) in the market she ensures you see better.

When she’s not at Your Eyes Only she supports the Elizabeth Fry Society, a non-profit organization that aids women, girls and children at risk.

Lisa also loves to travel. Her favourite destinations to date have been Paris, Tuscany & Iceland.

She is also an aunt to two nephews and can be found crafting something for them using her cricut. She is extremely crafty and understands what looks great.

Her favourite brand in shop is Maui Jim, “the Maui Jim sunglass lenses are THE best sunglass lenses in the market and I love how they’ve updated their women’s styles”.